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We do not guarantee that we will take on a case. We may be unable to do so because of a conflict between you and another client. We may decline for any reason.

Until we accept the case, the special solicitor-client duties and rights of confidentiality do not apply. If the information would be useful to an existing legal client, it would be our duty to use it. Otherwise, you may expect the confidentiality of any reputable business-person, even if we do not accept the case.

The security of any information, is not guaranteed whatsoever while in transit to us. The security rests upon our Internet Provider (and your's), and the security protocol they will use to communicate. However, please be sure that the prefix "https" is part of the address you used to get to this site, and not the usual "http".

In any event, the retainer is normally not complete until there is a deposit or security for fees. See the retainer page.

Be sure you have referred to the retainer page. Then, please complete and submit this form for any people relevant to your file, including, of course, yourself. At the bottom, identify yourself as the client, the role the person plays in the file, and the file.

Last Name


Given Names

(e.g. "John Gerald" for "John Gerald Smith")

Used Names

(i.e., how the person likes to be addressed, e.g., "Johnny Smith")


(i.e., nicknames or common misspellings of their names)

Former Names (i.e., prior married names, birth names (indicate which))


Prefix (i.e., the appropriate honorific to appear before the name, e.g., Mr., Ms., Rev., Mr. Justice, etc.)

Suffix (i.e., the appropriate honorific to appear after the name, e.g., Ph.D.)


Description (i.e. a physical description of the person, e.g., blue eyes, 6'1", blond, scar on chin, roman nose. Note, it is not mandatory for clients, who will have to go through an ID verification process anyway.

Comments (i.e., information helpful to understand the person)


Date of Birth (or commencement for a corporation, business, etc.)

Cell phone

Home phone

Work phone

Other phones


web address

Street Address

Office/Apt. Number




Postal/Zip Code



Role of this Person

It would be helpful to email us a photo of the person. It is not mandatory for clients, who will have to go through an ID verification process anyway.

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